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(Utility) patents

Notifications and announcements about patent applications and trademarks:


Multiflexstab® protectet by international utility patent

WSSP 1725

Patent No. 20 2009 017 682.7

Our most recently developed material WSSP 1725 for protective shells is officially patented.  The increase in hardness and tensile strength  leads to an increase of operational usability. Our new patent helps solve the problem of consistency changes of firing goods (like chemicals, industrial waste, …).

This means: enhancement of the life span of your tube systems and decreasing costs!
RS 4 RS 2

22.04.2013 Patent no. 10 2007 020 515.7 / utility patent 20 2007 018 707.6

Our grate bar with lateral locking is patented!

The common roller grate bar has been remanufactured and improved by WVT Breiding. The grate bars are locked to each other. Even if one or even several grate bars are broken, the roller grate will continue to work due to the fact that the grate bars will not fall off the cylindrical rollers!


Patent is also applicable for the Netherlands no. 2001535!

SS Schutzschale

Patent no. 10 2007 020 085.6-24

A special protective shell is patented to increase the life span of your pipe system. Our customers can choose the materials according to their specific requirements. A simplified installation generates cost savings.   

Please note that the patent is applicable for Austria, too! Patent no. A8004/2008.


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