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our process value chain, highest quality standards, First article inspection, serial production, technical drawings, Radiographic testing, ultrasonic testing, Just in time delivery, spectrometer test

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Quality management



Quality management in the globalized business world

We are constantly striving to improve our process value chain. We consider quality, continuity and value for money to be our key deliverables . Our customers can expect the highest quality standards.


WVT Breiding employs a foundry engineer who constantly monitors our production processes and the quality of the final product.

For example:

  • Before the production process starts, newly created patterns are compared to the technical drawings.
  • First article inspection takes place before serial production
  • During the manufacturing process we constantly measure, monitor and control the diameters, materials and structure of the casted parts.
  • We constantly monitor progress, delivery time and deadlines 
  • After completion of the products, our customer receives a report that includes: optical inspection,  dimension record, spectrometer test (material testing), inspection images
  • We can also conduct radiographic and ultrasonic testing (additional costs may be incurred)
  • Just in time delivery
  • We monitor progress to allow for just in time delivery
  • We review our processes after order completion

Inhouse QM


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