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Our Company

Who we are - and what we do
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The WVT Breiding GmbH was founded by Dieter Breiding in October 1985 in Schwerte (North-Rhine Westphalia). From the start, we focused on the production and distribution of foundry products. We have a well established reputation as a problem solver for customers in Europe, North America and Asia.


Our business is based on a simple belief: Credibility leads to trust and stable business relations.

We believe that improvements are based on a combination of expertise and the highest technical standards.  Being on-site helps us to develop thorough understanding of each facility. We appreciate that our clients have different demands which is why we employ engineers in both our headquarters and in the field.


We WANT to understand your problem!

We are passionate about finding a way to optimize your production. Our portfolio includes standard products, but standard products often only yield standard output. Outstanding output results from continuous product improvements and their adaptation according to the individual demands of each facility and customer. We combine the highest standards in manufacturing technology with the experience of doing business with more than 500 facilities all over the world.


Our experience is our asset. You can make it your asset, too.

We work in close collaboration with our client’s technical teams. We listen, we engineer, and we  find solutions. As a founder of an industry wide network of experts we encourage the exchange of technical knowledge. We increase cost effectiveness and establish major improvements in durability, armouring and heat-resisting, thermal-optimized equipment.


Reliability – Continuity – Quality

Being a fast and reliable supplier is important in our globalized world. Quality is important too, as is competitive pricing. Innovation is a competitive advantage and we want to be the benchmark. This is what drives us in our daily business.

Hopefully this explains how we’ve developed our reputation as a versatile partner with product specific solutions.


Your contact

Torsten Breiding
WVT Breiding GmbH
Binnerheide 8
D-58239 Schwerte

Tel.+49 2304 / 963326 Fax.+49 2304 / 67756