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XYZ Beschreibung

energy generation, cement industry, petrochemistry, machine building industry, mining, textile- and paper industry, waste incineration plant, combustion plants, power plant, plant, Pellet-burning stove, crematoria, plant

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Incineration plants and energy generation

  • energy from waste (waste incineration plants)
  •  power plants (e.g. brown coal, stone coal)
  • wood-chip heating plants
  • combustion plants
  • biomass plants
  • industrial incineration plants

Our product portfolio includes:

  • Spare parts & wear parts for grates, like grate bars, side plates, plate conveyor, lining sheets,…
  • Protective shells for superheaters
  • All kind of grey cast and stainless steel in all sizes, like nozzles, crusher, mills,…


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